About gallery
Smirnoff gallery was created to promote modern art in the world's leading exhibition venues. Dozens of solo, group exhibitions and auctions were held. Currently Smirnoff gallery is the exclusive representative of the artist Ekaterina Vorona on the territory of the Russian Federation.
New arrivals
Ekaterina Vorona / "Facciata della Basilica di S.Pietro".
The work is in the Vatican Museum collection.
Gianni Testa / Paesaggio romano
Ekaterina Vorona / SAKURA
Painting of Ekaterina Vorona "Sakura", provided by Smirnoff gallery, was sold at Bonhams auction. (London, New Bond street).
Ekaterina Vorona / INSIDE
The work of Ekaterina Vorona "Inside" is presented at the exhibition Russische Kunst heute (Osthaus-Museum, Hagen, Germany).