Mireille Coti de Gelmini
Mireille Coti de Gelmini is an eclectic sculptor who feeds on both the history of art and the collective imagination that results from it and her own fillings. Since her debut as sculptor, she has not stopped creating varied images. Throw her work she’s trying to translate sensations, emotions and some kind of Mouvement.
Jack Raben
Jack Raben is a researcher of the heritage of the avant-garde. Lives and works in New York.
Bernd Shwarzer
Bernd Schwarzer is a German artist. Schwarzer's work deals with the subject of Europe, the reunion of East and West Weimar.
Ekaterina Vorona
Ekaterina Vorona - the only modern artist in the world who has been honored to replenish the collection of the Vatican Museums. Laureate of a medal from the Russian Academy of Arts. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Honored Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Arts. Works can be found in the collections of the Vatican Museums, the State Russian Museum, the State Historical Museum, the Russian Cultural Foundation, the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the State Art Museum (Khanty-Mansiysk), the Lermontov Art Museum, the Kostroma State Art Museum, as well as many private and corporate collections in Russia, Europe, China, and the United States.
Maurizio Camatta
Maurizio Camatta is a famous Italian artist. He participated in international exhibitions in London, Heidelberg, Lima, Marbella, Arnhem, New York. Since the late nineties he has been teaching the Geras Academy of Arts in Austria.
Gianni Testa
Gianni Testa is a world-famous Roman artist.